Audrey II Puppets

A complete set of Audrey II puppets for Little Shop of Horrors.


AUDREY II IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL RENTAL!  Audrey can be picked up with a box truck, or delivered for an additional fee.

Please select the dates you would like the puppet for your rental.  Audrey II rents by the week with a one week minimum.

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This is a complete set of Audrey II puppets for Little Shop of Horrors. Pod one is potted snugly in a coffee can. His leaves wilt with the twist of a small lever. His mouth articulates and neck extends for “Grow for Me”. All of the puppet’s controls are in the bottom of the can. The wilt lever is located on the side for the actor to easily access.

Pod 2 is a hand puppet that comes with a fake arm and harness for the actor to slip on. The weight of the puppet rests on the harness so that the actor’s arm is free to animate Audrey II. The coat is not included with the rental, and will need to be acquired and altered for your use.

Pod 3 comes with the puppet, root boots, tongue/sleeve, and a pot with a seat and seat belt for the puppeteer. Ideal for puppeteers under 6′ tall.

Pod 4 is rather large and heavy. Because of that, it is built on a steel “hoist” that is assisted by gas springs. The pod moves smoothly and easily with a majority of the weight supported by the structure. This helps limit fatigue on the puppeteer. The whole operation is installed on a giant planter that houses the escape slide and supports the root suit operators.

There are two root suit costumes that two of the crew or ensemble can wear and become part of the plant. The suit utilizes both legs and one arm as vines for pod 4.