About Us

About Us

Jason Graham

Owner/Project Manager

Russell Currington

Owner/Lead Designer

About the Company

We originally established Stage Monkey Design & Consulting to provide a myriad of theatrical services to the local arts community. Since its inception, Jason Graham partnered with now co-owner Russell Currington. Though we still provide a host of services, our emphasis has shifted to focus on custom props, puppets, and scenic elements for live events and theatrical productions.

About our Props

Stage Monkey has set out to make otherwise expensive or hard-to-find props and set pieces available and affordable to our customers. Our “Build-to-rent” model means that Stage Monkey will design and build a custom piece at the request of the customer. If the customer is local, we hand deliver the prop and pick it up, all for the price of a rental!

How it Works

First, search our inventory of props and set pieces to determine if we have what you need. If we do, simply use our website to request a quote for the items, and we’ll contact you with pricing and terms.

If you need a prop that does not exist in our inventory, contact us to discuss design options. Once we establish a design and terms, you pay a “Good Will” deposit (25% – 50% of rental fee) that we apply toward your rental. Stage Monkey will build your piece(s) per the terms set in the agreement. At the end of your production, we will arrange for the return of the piece(s), and add the item to our rental stock.

What You Get

In the end you will receive a custom designed prop or set piece to compliment your production, with our guarantee that all pieces are in great working order. Repair services, phone support, installation assistance, and training (where applicable) all come included with your rental.