No.  Your rental period starts when you receive the product and is over when you release the product to the carrier. Your estimate will only be for the time that you have the product.  Nothing more 🙂

Yes.  All rentals will include round trip shipping charges if shipping is required. We will research the best shipping rates for your order and include that in your quote.  For your convenience, we include any return shipping documents with your shipped order. 

Yes and no.  Mostly Yes.  We do our best to limit the transit time of our products.  We also require a specific insurance amount per product when shipping.  If your service cannot meet our transit needs, then we would rather use one of our many established shipping services.  However, if your service provider can meet our transit standards, then we are more than happy to coordinate that with you.  

The reality is that all of our products are available to receive quote requests at all times. We use a quoting system, and because of that there are a number of reasons why you would get mixed messages.  The chief reason is that our site does not maintain product inventory for us.  It cannot determine if there is a conflict with transit from another renter.  Likewise, because we use a first come first serve quote system, a product may be on hold for up to 10 days for another customer as we await quote approval. This hold time may be in conflict with your requested dates.  If the latter is the case, we can put you on a waitlist and notify you if the product becomes available for your dates.

In short, we are usually unable to accommodate rentals outside of the U.S.  It’s best to contact us directly should you have such interest.  

Of course!  We love to hear your ideas.  And if it’s for your upcoming production, we can build-to-rent the item for your dates.  However, custom builds need to fit a specific criteria for us to be able to fulfill them.  Please use our Custom Builds form to make your request.  

Our shop uses a Quote Request system.  Unfortunately you can not finalize a reservation on our site.  Each quote is curated exclusively for you to include applicable shipping, discounts, and taxes. Once you receive and agree to the quote, we will send you an invoice.  Invoices can then be paid online with a credit card, or with a check/PO by mail.  

We do offer discounts for non-profits (with proof of non-profit status.). We also offer occasional discounts to return customers.  Have a special circumstance?  Contact us and we can see what we can do to help. 

Our preferred payment method is check.  Yes, this includes purchase orders 🙂

We also accept most Credit Cards and Cash.  We prefer not to use ACH, but if that is the only method available to you, please contact us by phone to make arrangements.

The only thing we need to hold your reservation is a signed copy of the contract that you received with your invoice.  Payment is not required until 14 days before your rental start dates.  

We can make that happen, but please consider the following:

  • No prop leaves our possession without a signed contract.  The sooner we have that the sooner we can ship.  
  • Shipping to most locations is at least 3-5 days.  Sometimes longer depending on the destination. If you’re not on the west coast or picking up in person, express shipping may be required.
  • We require at least a day to get the item shipped. We can’t guarantee that it will go out same day. 
  • Depending on the shipping method, we may not be able to have the product delivered on weekends.
  • Most carriers do not include weekends in their transit time. If it ships on Friday, a 3-Day will land on Wednesday.
  • It may be necessary to ship to a home address to ensure prompt delivery.  Businesses and schools may not be able to accept receipt of the package during certain times and that can delay delivery.  

Unfortunately, if it’s being shipped, most carriers will not deliver on Sundays.  We can arrange to have your prop delivered on a weekday before your Sunday load-in, or on the Monday after.  If you choose to receive it on a weekday before your rental is slated to start, then you will most likely incur charges for the additional days.  (we rent by the week, so maybe consider adding a week and shifting your rental’s start and end dates to get the most out of it.)

If it’s a local delivery or pickup, then Sunday IS possible.  We ask that you make arrangements at least 3 days prior to your start date so that we can ensure that we have someone available to facilitate your pickup or delivery.