Phantom Monkey Music Box

Hand crafted mechanical music box for Phantom of the Opera.


The music box is available for local pickup/delivery, or can be shipped via FedEx.

Please select the dates you would like the puppet for your rental.  This prop rents by the week with a one week minimum.

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Classically styled, hand sculpted music box with an animated mechanical monkey. Built for the stage production of Phantom of the Opera, this little Stage Monkey stands 18″ tall and comes to life with the flip of a switch.  Please note: It does not actually play music.

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 24 × 24 in

Care and Use Instructions

  • Please attempt to keep the monkey clean and free of stage makeup.  We love to see photos of cast with our props, but makeup and lipstick are incredibly difficult to get out of fur.  So, no kissing the monkey!
  • Please do not put product in the monkey’s fur.  Contact us directly if you need instruction on fixing the hair or costume on the monkey.  ANY PRODUCTS USED ON THE PROP THAT ARE NOT FIRST AUTHORIZED BY STAGE MONKEY WILL RESULT IN THE CUSTOMER BEING CHARGED FOR DAMAGES.
  • Please be gentle with the prop.  This should go without saying ;). We make every attempt to create durable props, but common sense and care should be taken when handling the prop.


If the music box was shipped to you, it will arrive in a cardboard box. Open the top of the box and you’ll notice the Styrofoam packing grid that helps keep the music box safe during transportation. Carefully pull up on the Styrofoam packing and pull it out as one piece (provided shipping hasn’t turned it into multiple pieces). set it aside and take care not to damage it because you will need it for the return shipping.

Now reach in and grab the music box by the wooden box. Please do not grab by any of the ornaments or the monkey itself. We suggest you reach under the box and lift straight up.  Remove the protective noodles from the feet and set on a flat surface.  Carefully undress the bag from the prop, and left the box free.  Store all packing materials back in the box and save for the return shipping.


First let’s identify all of the components of the music box:

  • Charge Port – On the back of the box you will find the charge port (female barrel connector) on the Left.  Use the supplied power adapter to charge the box as needed.
  • Main Power -On the right side of the back panel you will see a hole with a power switch hidden inside.  This is the main power switch. You will need to reach your finger in to toggle the power on and off.
  • Motor Power – On the right side of the back panel you will find an easily accessible toggle switch.  This starts and stops the monkey’s motor.

Check that the Motor Power toggle switch is switched OFF (down).

Next make sure there is nothing obstructing the movement of the arms (i.e. other props, ties, bag, or people being handsy.)

When you are ready to operate the music box, you will need to turn on the Main Power.  Simply reach your finger through the hole and switch from off ( O ) to on ( I ).  You have now energized the system. The switch can stay on for the duration of the performance, but it is recommended to switch it off if the prop will not be used for a long period of time.

At whatever point the monkey needs to start moving, the actor or technician responsible simply switches on (up) the Motor Power. The actor or technician may now start singing “Masquerade” (you know you want to…)

Simply toggle the Motor Power switch off (down) when the movement is no longer needed.


  • Do NOT touch with dirty hands.  Keep away from makeup. Do not attempt to paint or decorate the prop.
  • If cleaning is necessary, a damp warm rag and gentle touch should suffice.
  • Charge the prop after any extensive use.  It is recommended to charge it at call time, and it should be sufficiently charged by Curtain.


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